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St. George is a wonderful city in southwestern Utah. Its large population and size make it the eighth largest city in the state. While this city may rank alongside the largest cities in Utah, it also ranks as one the most beautiful areas in the state. Its proximity to a variety of state and national parks means St. George is, quite literally, engulfed in nature’s wonders.

Whether you are planning to visit St. George or are lucky enough to be moving to the area, there is a lot to know about the city and its surrounding areas. St. George has a lot more impressive features than its scenic view. The city and the surrounding areas boast wonderful schools, technologically advanced hospitals, an impressive college, and a booming economy. St. George has so many amazing features, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to call St. George home.

Washington County School District

  • The schools in St. George and the surrounding areas are a part of the Washington County School District. There are many schools that fall under this district’s care. Included within this educational system are preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and even continuing education. The school is staffed with friendly, caring, and well-educated instructors so children receive the very best start from the beginning of their educational career.

    The district prides itself on providing a great education to every child. They do this by ensuring that children who learn at a different pace are not left behind. This is invaluable when it comes to forming a positive relationship between a child and the education system. By enrolling your child in the Washington County School District, you are ensuring that they have the very best start on the long road to higher education. The district will prepare every child for whatever they dream of doing after they graduate from one of the many terrific schools in Washington County. The children are the future, and the future is bright when kids attend wonderful schools like those found in St. George and the surrounding areas.

  • Washington County School District

Dixie Regional Medical Center

  • When you live in an area long enough, chances are, unfortunately, you will most likely have to visit the hospital for one reason or another. When these occasions arise, you want to be sure you and your wellbeing are in the best hands. At Dixie Regional Medical Center, you can rest assured with the knowledge that the facility and its staff are some of the best you will find.
    Dixie Regional Medical Center provides a variety of services within their state of the art facility. Some of the most used departments at Dixie Regional are brain and spine care, cancer treatment, heart care, labor, delivery, and newborn services, and athletic training. There are many things that can land you in the hospital, but you can take comfort in knowing that Dixie Regional Medical Center is well prepared for whatever you need.

Dixie State University

  • Dixie State University, or DSU, is a college located in St. George, Utah. DSU features a variety of colleges and programs within their facility. Their available programs include The Colleges of Business and Communication, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and the Arts. The large variety of programs to choose from makes it the perfect place for anyone to continue their education.

    As if having terrific programs weren’t enough, DSU also has the lowest tuition of all four-year colleges in the state of Utah. The overall cost to attend DSU is about a third of what the national average is. This is a great opportunity for students to further their education without going into debt, which has become a real crisis among college graduates.

    The availability of a wonderful college in a relatively small town is extremely unique. For residents of St. George and its neighboring communities, Dixie State University is a great opportunity to further their education, avoid college debt, and stay at home during the process. That is an opportunity that many are not lucky enough to have.


    Dixie State University

St. George’s Booming Economy

  • St George Booming Economy
  • The economy in St. George has been growing rapidly in recent years. It is one of the highest growing areas in the entire country in terms of population growth. It has seen growth, in recent years, at around 40% growth each year. This growth is incredibly high compared to the national average. As the growth steadies off, with an anticipated growth of around 10% in coming year, St. George’s economy will be fully stabilized as an economically rich area.

    As companies choose St. George as the location for their headquarters and distribution centers, there are plenty of jobs to support the growing population. Since St. George is located so closely to popular tourist areas, like state and national parks, a lot of its infrastructure revolves around tourism, as well. The new businesses and profitable tourist locations help to ensure that St. George’s economy will only continue to grow with each year.

St. George Welcomes You


    Being a resident of St. George means you are a part of one of the most beautiful, unique areas in the United States. It is incredibly rare to find terrific schools, hospitals, higher education, and a booming economy all in one location. The growth of this marvelous area is seemingly unstoppable, and for good reason. Calling St. George home is about as lucky as a person can get.

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