Things To Do In St George

St. George has so much more to offer than meets the eye. You already know that the area of St. George has a beautiful, scenic landscape. You are well aware that the people of St. George are friendly and inviting. But, are you familiar with the endless possibilities available when it comes to finding an activity in St. George?

Whether you are visiting alone, taking a family trip, or planning to move to the area, you will find tons of exciting and unique things to do in St. George. From hiking the terrain to tasting the new cuisine, there’s never a dull moment while you’re visiting this amazing city. You will never run out of new experiences in St George. Below, you will find some of the most popular things to do in the area. Keep in mind, there are many more fun experiences to be had, so it’s important to really explore St. George.

Outdoor adventures


Hiking along the beautifully scenic area of Kayenta is the experience of a lifetime. Not only are there countless natural and geological wonders to enjoy, there are also special man-made areas and business to stop at in the vicinity. This is a great little excursion that will allow you to see the beauty of the St. George area without wandering too far off the beaten path.

Pioneer Park

The ability to customize your adventure through Pioneer Park is what makes it such a desirable area to explore. You can hike as long, or as short, as you would like. Avid hikers love this area for it towering red rock and mini-slot canyons. Novice hikers will enjoy the incredible views that do not take a lot of effort to see. Pioneer Park offers an amazing experience without straining yourself.

Red Hills Desert Garden

Gardens certainly aren’t the first thing to come to mind when you think of the desert. However, the Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George may be one of the most beautiful gardens you ever see. Full of unique desert plants, the lush greenery stands out in vibrant fashion against the red rock of the desert. The garden is well-maintained and plants are clearly marked, so you will even take some plant knowledge away from the outdoor adventure.

Cultural Escapades

St. George Temple

The St. George Temple is a strikingly beautiful temple of the LDS church. It is also the first temple of the religion. Many people visit this gorgeous temple to learn a bit of St. George history. A visit to St. George Temple will be both spiritual and educational.

Coyote Gulch Art Village

If you have an eye for art, you will not want to miss Coyote Gulch Art Village. This amazing gallery and shop is full of incredible pottery, crafts, and other art pieces. You don’t have to go home empty-handed, either. There are many unique pieces for sale in the Coyote Gulch Art Village. Even if you just come to browse, you will leave with great memories of a fantastic, one-of-a-kind adventure.

St. George Art Museum

With many pieces that connect to the history of St. George, the St. George Art Museum is a lovely place to enjoy gorgeous art and learn more about the rich history of the city. Though the location is small, there are many pieces to marvel over and learn about.

Family Fun

St. George Children’s Museum

This museum is the perfect place for kids to blow off some steam and have new and exciting experiences. Admission is incredibly affordable, and you can easily spend the whole day in the St. George Children’s Museum. There are many rooms with different themes, so even the ficklest of little ones won’t get bored during your visit.

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Long before the cowboys and settlers of the west, dinosaurs roamed the vast landscapes. Go prehistoric with a visit to St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. You will have the chance to see authentic dinosaur tracks, fossils, and more prehistoric material. Adults and kids alike will get lost in the history at this amazing dinosaur discovery site.

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

Take an audio tour through this huge wildlife museum and learn about many kinds of wildlife. The animals at the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum are well-preserved and incredibly beautiful. You will have the chance to get a close look of animals you would never be able to see elsewhere.

Delicious Dining


If you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine in a comfortable setting, Cappeletti’s is the perfect dining experience for you. Whether you’re on a date or out with friends, you can’t beat the delicious food and great atmosphere.

Painted Pony

Foodies rejoice! One of the most popular restaurants in St. George, Painted Pony is the definition of fine dining. A reservation is recommended, since this restaurant is so popular. From the presentation to the taste, their food will not disappoint. The atmosphere, though classy, is still quite comfortable. This is the perfect place for a business lunch or dinner or a special date night.

George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub

This comfortable, family-friendly restaurant is the perfect place to grab a classic meal. With great menu items, like burgers, ribs, and salads, George’s Corner has everything you could want and more. Unwind with a drink and enjoy a great meal at this comfortable restaurant and pub.

Don’t miss St. George

The number of fun activities, new experiences, and unique restaurants available in St. George is truly remarkable. You are guaranteed to enjoy exploring St. George, whether you are visiting or moving to the area. Around every corner, there is a new shop, restaurant, or learning experience that will open your eyes to how incredible this city is. Give St. George your time and it will give you a million wonderful memories.